Over the years, we have travelled around the world to over 100 Optical and Fashion Accessories Exhibitions showcasing our latest work.

Everywhere we go, we meet and greet clients providing up-to-date market trend and product innovations.

By closely interacting with our clients, we listen to their needs and act on their demands.

At Sino, we aim to not just be your supplier but your long-term partner.

This is why we believe the two fundamentals in establishing a win-win partnership are design capabilities and customer service.


Research & Development

Every season our designers and engineers work together with sales and marketing teams to explore the potentials of market trends and to evaluate how it can be translated into product designs.

The purpose of our research and development is to provide solutions for the eyewear users and to enhance performance through new material inventions. For example, our floating glasses are made with special material formulated to float in water or at sea.

With this design, we have created a solution for beach lovers to enjoy the sea without the fear of losing their glasses during activity.

Design Process

Our design process is a simple one, yet to create a differentiated and successful product it requires technical know-how and extensive research. Every year our designers travel around the world to Optical and Fashion Accessories tradeshows looking for inspirations.

From analyzing trend research to gathering information on current consumer behavior as influenced by the media and celebrities, our designers can effectively forecast seasonal designs.

Once design elements and shapes are constructed, through 3D rendering and CAD modeling we produce pre-production samples and customize molds according to specifications.

Throughout the design process, we engage closely with our clients to ensure the goals and objectives are achieved.


Goals and Objectives

At the start of every product, our sales and marketing team will work closely with you to discuss goals and objectives.

For example, new product development, desired delivery lead-time and target price are major objectives we aim to achieve.

With the objective in mind, outline of project scope and timeline will be provided to ensure precision and achievement.

Time Management

We value every request we receive and we also understand that time is of the essence, this is why we do our best to provide responsive feedback and take into account time zone differences across regions.

On time delivery and production schedule are fundamental in project timeline.

Our team will provide constant feedback and communication to ensure goals are achieved with satisfaction.

Product Education

We believe it is important for our clients to be up-to-date on the latest market trends.

Especially when changing government standards and new eyewear technology may influence the business and its consumers.

By providing informed data and product design samples, we are able to educate our clients and advise them on how the current product mix can be leveraged.

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