Eyewear Safety Shield

We keep abreast of the society at any time, and can customize the ideal styles of customers according to the different product and packaging needs of customers. Our lenses are double-protected. Afraid of fogging after wearing a mask or face shield, we can also provide anti-fog lens protection for your everyday wear, solving your problem. Our integrated service in product design and customer service is why we are your reliable partner.

When wearing glasses and masks, the large mask forms secondary protection on the outside. The mask is made of PC. It is all made with safety standard available for worldwide clientele.

The face mask is not only a full face mask, a half protective face mask is suitable for sport’s needs because it will not interfere with your vision or sight, but can also show its own style and characteristics.

When paired with sports sunglasses and masks, the half-face mask forms a secondary protection on the outside. The mask is made of PC and has multiple colours as can be seen below eight of our most popular colours.

All of our safety glasses are all made with international safety standard certified for global distribution.

Sino Optical have a wide variety of safety and protective masks for your selection. If you would like to learn more about our product offering please CONTACT US today.

Eyewear Safety Shield