Trends in Eyewear at SILMO Paris 2022 & What’s In for 2023


This year at SILMO Paris, the Sino Optical team have gained a great perception and perspective into the world of eyewear trend in 2022 as well as what is to come in 2023. The basis of the design, with creativity playing a major part in all the brands we see this year at SILMO, we have compiled a selection of “Sino’s Pick” as a summary to 2022.


We have categorized the variety of designs we see at the show into four categories: Structural frame line, textured & refined, playful & invisible colours and Eco vision.

Structural Frame Line


As we have seen, many iconic models have been reinvented in different forms, especially in the structure of the frame line. Some more complex, some more simple, as this is what the SILMO Paris have referred to as “keep it simple without being simplistic”.

The multi-dimensional shapes combining with functionality, making it not just interesting to see, but comfortable to wear. This year, not just the metal frames are playful in frame line, however, handmade acetate models are also used in combination with the metal frame to construct even greater dynamic in looks.

Textured & Refined


As we have mentioned before, the multi-dimensional frame line have been re-interpreted this year, and so is the way sunglasses are made in the frame surface texture.

Whatever the structures and lines, there are two major directions: extreme finesse, for exquisite elegance; or, at the other extreme, the thickness, compactness and strength of a solid block of material (principally acetate) that is sculpted, polished and smoothed, and that is not inhibited by contained dimensions.


Playful & Invisible Colours


Playful colours have extended from the 2022 trend onto 2023, as we see now more and more brands are playing the “invisible” game. Transparent handmade acetate frame and temples for optical, and so is the jelly like colours as can be seen on plastic frames.

More brands are creating colour dynamics into the transparent trend, and using a variety of structures combining colours to create unique perspective such as contrasting colours between the frames and lenses.

Eco Vision


In today’s world, it is all about going eco. Ever since 2020, Sino Optical have been producing eco-eyewear for brands around the world. However, it is in 2022 that we see more and more brands create awareness in their collections regarding eco-vision. From our society, culture to the economy, eco now plays a great part in our lives and we see years going forward with eco trend growing stronger and stronger.

With eco vision, we have seen brands with their approaches include two major areas: organic, recycled or upcycled materials (using dormant stocks of acetate, for example); and eco-design, which involves restraint in the means utilized to reduce the industrial impact of glasses. Its virtuous highlight is a circular economic approach, or the art of endless recycling.

Above we have provided “Sino’s Pick” of the year and further demonstrated what trends we see will move forward into 2023. Sino Optical of course this year have brought to the show not just products demonstrating the latest design trend, but also, created our own design version for 2023.

If you would like more information, or would like us to design your version of vision, please contact us at service@sinooptical.com.tw

Trends in Eyewear at SILMO Paris 2022 & What’s In for 2023