ASD Source Direct Exhibition 2017

We would like say thank you to all our existing and new clients for the great show at ASD Source Direct Exhibition from 19th of March to 22nd of March last week.

This year we have showcased our latest designs of ski goggles, fashion sunglasses, sports sunglasses and especially our new technology of infrared eyewear.

Sino Optical is the first in the industry to have produced and developed infrared eyewear.

During the show we have demonstrated the effectiveness of infrared eyewear and its added benefit to support eye health in solving dry-eye symptoms, stressed eyes or eye strains.

With the raising awareness in eye health today, we are not only creating innovative eyewear but also to deliver incentives to existing product offerings.

Therefore, the infrared energy can be made on all injection PC and TR90 frames we produce as it the raw material is sourced and imported from Japan and added to the injection raw material so that during the production process the materials can bind together giving you the best benefits of infrared energy.

Through our lab testing and positive results, we have technological evidence supporting such function.

We aim to change the way consumers treat and look after their eyes day and night as it can be added on optical/reading and sunglasses.

If you are interested in gaining a competitive edge with your product mix, this is the perfect solution for you.

For more information please send us an inquiry.

ASD Source Direct Exhibition 2017